Some schools always seem to be in the news with good stories about their achievements or just promoting themselves through a range of strategies. Other schools find it hard to get good media coverage or have not developed a strategy for promoting themselves.

The schools that fall into the first category are not necessarily the best funded or highest performing in academics. They are simply the ones that have learnt how to manage their public profile by marketing and promoting the right way and at the right time.

Hyping your school online wisely; paying attention to how you promote your school can save money, improve admissions and lead to a better incoming class.

To create a branded online presence through the use of social media that will allow your school to: Connect to a wider audience Spread its message and agenda Monitor online reputation and trends Increase the availability and usage of online research materials.

These are some of the ways to market and promothe your School:


Your School will have a functional account that will connect with all the professional parents on LinkedIn and bring your dream school to the limelight globally. Your school will be known globally and accessible to every search engines.


This is a platform that will showcase the beauty of your School. Pictures of events and activities of the school will be shown to your targeted population through GPS and also to your followers which include the parents and will surely attract followers of the parents and thereby preaching the gospel to a particular group of your interest.


In this social media era, creating a Twitter account for your school will get you noticed. The account will not be restricted, you will make it a public viewing for everyone to see. This account will be used for promotions and public announcements and the like. You will tweet messages, photos of the school events & activities and the school website links. Anything you want the world to know about the school can be tweeted; such as

Cultural Day

Open Day


Christmas party

Founders` day

Graduation, etc.

You will ensure that tweets are on regular basis as this creates a lot of impression on people that your school is a high-spirited one with a lot of activities. “No Dull Moments”


create a facebook account for the school for maximum exposure and establishing contacts with people, parents and alumni of the school. you will also create a “group” on facebook where we encourage users to respond to topics or issues posted by you. Unlike Twitter, it is easy to aggregate all our posts on facebook site. It is a great place to store photo galleries of alumni events, games and all other exciting, wonderful happenings and news you want the public to be part of. For smooth running of this site, you need to subscribe online for you to access the full features.


This social media site offers you a great opportunity to upload videos. You can upload videos of your school events and activities like Excursions, Sports day, Open day, etc, all for free for public viewing; another great way of showcasing your school.


Google+ is what’s invoke when it comes to surfing the Internet and gaining global hearing and recognition. It is of major importance to tap into this Google+ platform for quick access to your school website through Google search.

A Professional Website

You need a professionally designed & secured website which allows parents, clients and potential families to interact easily with the school and its staff. Web features like Forms, Blog, Online payment solution, Chat Engine, Admission materials download, Prospectus, etc are all part of a professional website package. If you don’t spend the money to produce a “great website” you are missing the boat, not to mention hundreds of potential parents and additional incomes we can get through online businesses. you will make sure your school’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Youtube links are connected to the website.

By Global Heir Consultant