Passports from all over the world may look alike but they have different level of power – how many countries you can visit without a visa. The world’s most powerful passport holders are from United Kingdom and the USA, as they can freely visit 147 countries, while Africa’s most powerful passport holders are from Seychelles.

Check out top 10 most powerful passports in Africa:


1st place: Seychelles – no visa required in 116 countries

According to, people with Seychelles passports have visa-free access to 116 countries. The most powerful passport in Africa also holds 23rd position in world’s passport power rank.


2nd place: South Africa – no visa required in 84 countries

South Africa passport holders can travel to 84 of the world’s 196 countries without any visa restrictions. The South African passport holds the 44th place worldwide.

3rd place: Guinea – no visa required in 81 countries

Guinea passport holders can enjoy 81 countries without any visa. For example, they can stay up to 90 days in Bangladesh and Ecuador; up to 3 months in Haiti Tunisia and Morocco; but only for 21 day in Dominica, and for 14 days in Hong Kong.

4th place: Sierra Leone – no visa required in 69 countries

Sixty nine countries are happy to host tourists from Sierra Leone without visa. The Sierra Leone passport holder can relax up to 4 months in Fiji and up to 3 months in Haiti; while Malaysia is visa-free only for 14 days.

5th place: Kenya – no visa required in 68 countries

Kenya shares the fifth place with two other African countries: Botswana and Tonga. A Kenyan passport allows to stay in Haiti, Hong Kong and Bahamas up to 3 months; in Panama up to 180 days; and in Cayman Islands, Barbados, Montserrat and Dominica up to 6 months.

6th place: Gambia – no visa required in 66 countries

The sixth place with 66 visa-free countries is shared between Gambia, Niger and Ghana.

7th place: Lesotho – no visa required in 65 countries

Lesotho citizens have visa-free access to no fewer than 65 countries. South Korea opens its borders up to 60 days for Lesotho travelers; while Japan, Malawiand Kosovo allow to stay for 90 without any visa.

8th place: Swaziland – no visa required in 62 countries

The Swaziland passport holder can go to 62 countries without thinking about foreign embassies and visas. Israel, Haiti, Hong Kong and Kenya allow Swaziland citizens to stay up to 3 months a year without visa; while Belize, a country on the eastern coast of Central America, allows to stay only for 1 month.


9th place: Nigeria – no visa required in 61 countries

Nigeria isn’t the only African country that has 61 visa-free destinations; Namibia, Tanzania, Tunisia, Mali and Zambia also have visa-free access to 61 countries. A Nigeria passport holder can go to Barbados, Dominica and Montserrat for half a year; to Fiji for 4 months; to Haiti and Saint Kitts and Nevis for 3 months; and to Vanuatu and Niue for 30 days.

10th place: Benin – no visa required in 60 countries

The tenth place is as well shared between several countries; Morocco and Malawi also have 60 visa-free destinations. Citizens of Benin are allowed to go to South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia and Niue for 30 days; to Haiti for 3 months; to Dominica for 21 day; and to Hong Kong only for 14 days.